WhoWho WeWe AreAre

BombSquadCat (BSC) is a group of BlockChain Nerds

who have been following the crypto movement for years.

We disarm the bombs that are connected to NFT collections and release what is truly behind them.  Our collections are highly explosive, which is why we’ve become professionals in the bomb disposal industry, and we step up to disarm the bombs so your beautiful NFT can be born.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

If we don’t step up to help these NFTs, with the skills and knowledge we’ve acquired over the years, they could be harmed and never see the light of day.  You can be sure your purchase will be safe, secure, and all bombs will be removed carefully.  It takes a little time to remove these explosives, but we can do it!

Back To Reality

We are Artists, Programmers, Marketers, and Adventure Seekers who came together with the same goal, to help each other and others.  Our artists were selling their art, our programmers were coding for their customers, our marketers were doing marketing stuff, and all of them are adventure seekers.

But… We came together and became BSC.

StickStick withwith us!

WeWe wantwant you toto win!win!