We want to be transparent

so, here’s our roadmap!


Phase 1 (completed)
  1. Launch website and social profiles.
  2. Create Discord server.
  3. Create ad campaigns on various social networks.
Phase 2 (In progress)
  1. Finish design of our first collection.
  2. Launch Collection in Early to mid March 2022
  3. Begin monthly payouts from sales and royalties
  4. Begin monthly donations to St. Jude Children’s Hospital
  5. Continue to build community
Phase 3
  1. Continue payouts from sales and royalties.
  2. Continue donations to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
  3. Begin a second collection to help out another charity that focuses on children, the ocean, wildlife, deforestation, or a combination of them all.
  4. Send our programmers into “Code Mode” and have them build additional utilities that can increase the value of our NFTs and bring in new buyers.
  5. Continue to build community.
  6. Build mutually beneficial business relationships
Phase 4
  1. Work on an “Owners Only” NFT collection and send them out for free to people owning our NFTs at that time.
  2. Continue building community and business relationships.
  3. Bring on some investors to help us grow quicker?


Utilities FOr BSC NFT Owners

  1. Automatic entry into our Lottery / Raffle system each month.
  2. (Working on) Owners will have an “Owners Only” section within our Discord server.
  3. (Working on) Owners will be able to vote on which direction they would like us to grow.
    — New collections, New utilities, New charities, etc.
  4. (More utilities coming soon)


Monthly Lottery / Raffle

  1. All owners are entered into our lottery/raffle each month.
    — 1 NFT = 1 ticket to win each month.
    — Own 10 and be entered 10 times each month.
    — Each collection will have its own Lottery/Raffle each month.  This means if you own 10 NFTs from collection A and 0 NFTs from collection B, you will have 10 tickets for when we draw winners for collection A and 0 tickets for collection B.


Goals Set 1

  1. Mint 10% of the collection
    –> We will dismantle the bombs on the collection and reveal the NFTs.
  2. Mint 50% of the collection
    –> We will give away a Tesla or car of comparable value
  3. Mint 100% of the collection
    –> We will give away a 2nd Tesla or car of comparable value.


Goals Set 2

  1. Send $10,000 to BSC owners and St. Jude.
  2. Send $50,000 to BSC owners and St. Jude
  3. Send $100,000 to BSC owners and St. Jude
  4. Send $500,000 to BSC owners and St. Jude
  5. SEND $1,000,000 TO BSC OWNERS AND ST. JUDE!!! (can we do it?)

(we will more than likely add to this as time goes on)

StickStick withwith us!

WeWe wantwant you toto win!win!